DBS Foundation & NUS are glad to present the 12 semifinalists to DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2015!

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Backstreet Academy (Cambodia) seeks to alleviate poverty in developing countries by empowering locals with direct access to the tourism market through their integrated web/mobile platform where everyone at the Bottom of the Pyramid, regardless of education & access to technology, can host unique tours & activities for tourists looking for an authentic experience.


Doing Good Fellows (India) addresses the gap between demand and supply of professional services for NGOs by using people-power, through their online impact-creation marketplace model.


Hilltribe Organics (Thailand) sustainably triples the income of Thai hilltribe farmers through free-range, organic chicken farms producing “naturally perfect” eggs. Sold by leading retailers and used by acclaimed chefs, Hilltribe Organics eggs provide the healthiest nutrition and exceptional taste to the emerging middle class in Thailand and soon abroad.


iHealth Express Group (Taiwan) runs a mobile medical system to provide more accessible services for all, eliminating inequality in healthcare delivery in Taiwan.


Kakoa (Indonesia) is a “bean to bar” chocolate maker that is partnering with smallholder cocoa farmers in Indonesia, and operating down the cocoa value chain to bring premium quality, locally sourced and produced chocolate to its customers.


Koe Koe Tech (Myanmar) aims to improve the healthcare system as well as other sectors in Myanmar by providing apps and SMS services that will provide informational content, telemedicine, cash transfers, and health products and services to women, men, parents and expecting parents.


Learn Education (Thailand) aims to improve the quality of Education in Thailand by leveraging blended-learning technology tools to help teacher provide quality education to students in science and math subjects–currently impacting 29 schools.


MicroX Labs (India) is creating a technological platform to make affordable and accurate point-of-care diagnostics devices, starting with the most common diagnostics test known as Complete Blood Count (CBC) test.


MyKavach (India) is a Bluetooth enabled SOS lifestyle accessory for women that would instantly notify the authorities and well-wishers at the touch of their fingers.


Shudhatta (India) invented a low-cost twisted tape “swirler” (TT) pack that easily integrates into traditional cooking methods, enabling villagers to cook faster, use less fuel, and improve their health.


Siam Organic (Thailand) works closely with small-scale Thai farmers to increase their quality of life through growing a new variety of rice. Jasberry rice is a highly nutritious & innovative rice that took 12 years to develop, dark purple in color, it’s organic, non-GMO, whole grain and absolutely delicious.


Talk-Now (Hong Kong) is a wearable device that allows people who cannot speak to communicate with speed and independence with others, by translating sign language to text and voice.