Our Past Winners

SVC Asia winners come from a variety of countries and sectors!
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From India to Thailand, Education to Healthcare... These diverse social ventures are recognised for being amongst the top changemakers in Asia.



Grand Prize Winner

Siam Organic (Thailand) aims to alleviate farmers’ poverty through innovative organic products, including its nutritious Jasberry™ rice. Jasberry™ rice combines the taste of world-famous Thai Jasmine rice with berries’ nutritional, antioxidant benefits, accounting for its global appeal.

Jury Prize Winner

OurCityLove Social Enterprise (Taiwan) has developed an accessibility information structure that links data of cities’ accessible restaurants, transportation, other facilities and services together on a cloud-based platform. OurCityLove also provides employment training and certification for businesses.

raiSE VentureForGood grant award

AbleThrive (Singapore) is a one-stop platform with curated high-quality resources about living well with a disability, sourced from a growing network of over 100 blogs, organisations, companies and hospitals worldwide. In addition, it provides consulting services for companies interested in fostering disability inclusion. This raiSE grant is part of SVC Asia, targeted at helping social enterprises address a social gap or need in Singapore.

Syngenta Agriculture Social Enterprise award for Best Agriculture Social Enterprise

Kamal Kisan (India) develops machines and tools suitable for smallholder farmers to reduce their dependence on labour and increase their profitability. One of their products, a sugarcane planter, has been able to demonstrate improvements in process efficiency by up to 80%.

Syngenta Agriculture Social Enterprise award for Best Use of Technology & Innovation

Naireeta Services (India) develops “Bhungroo”, a unique rainwater management solution which helps poor farmers adapt to disasters like drought and prolonged water logging. “Bhungroo” filters, injects and retains excess storm water underground for reuse in dry season.


Grand Prize Winner

Learn Education (Thailand) aims to improve the quality of Education in Thailand by leveraging blended-learning technology tools to help teacher provide quality education to students in science and math subjects–currently impacting 29 schools.


Micro-X Labs (India) is creating a technological platform to make affordable and accurate point-of-care diagnostics devices, starting with the most common diagnostics test known as Complete Blood Count (CBC) test.

2nd Runner Up

iHealth Express (Taiwan) runs a mobile medical system to provide more accessible services for all, eliminating inequality in healthcare delivery in Taiwan.

raiSE Grant Awardee

Social Development Initiative (SDI) Academy seeks to champion the welfare of migrant workers in Singapore, as well as to create a more inclusive society, by empowering them with improved communication skills.

raiSE Grant Awardee

Society Staples is developing a platform to connect people with disabilities (PWDs) and the rest of society through fitness programmes. Society Staples also offers corporate team building programmes conducted by PWD facilitators.


Grand Prize Winner

Zaya Learning Labs (India) offers a network of low-cost schools empowered by a blended learning model that delivers a high-quality learning experience to underprivileged children across the developing world.


Maya Universe Academy (Nepal) is a non-profit, community supported primary school that provides quality education free of cost to rural children. Their innovative funding method allows the parents of students to work at the school for 2 days of every month instead of paying fees to the school.

2nd Runner Up (Tie)

Local Alike (Thailand) is on a mission to promote community based tourism that contributes to the preservation of the local culture of native people, while providing economic opportunities that create livelihoods.

2nd Runner Up (Tie)

Bodhi Health Education (India) leverages low cost mobile technology coupled with eLearning to create scalable, high quality training solutions for the bottom of pyramid health workers.