Alex Mavro is a founding member of the Sasin Center for Sustainability Management, the first such university adjunct in Thailand. He is recognized as one of the early champions of the corporate social responsibility movement in Thailand, where he has lived all his life. His business career began as a member of the 1972 team that established DHL in Thailand. He remained in the courier industry until his epiphany and eventual re‑birth as a “recovering plunderer” and CSR resource.

He is a retired businessman with 15 years experience coaching, facilitating, and teaching that business’s true role is profit optimization rather than profit maximization. The “business vs society” divide is contrived but has led to stakeholder demands for business to be separately accountable for its impact, which in reality should be an integral consideration. With elaborated values, engaged stakeholders, and enlightened systems working together, there need be no separate discussion of “CSR.”