BetterStories is a premium future building agency that works in the areas of Smart Technology, Strategic Consulting and StartUp Ecosystem Building in Bangladesh and expanding across the region. It has three verticals:Better Strategies, Better Entrepreneurs and Better Schools. BetterStories was established in 2008 jointly by a woman entrepreneur, a development professional and an environmentalist to work on an ambitious goal of creating a whole new generation of leaders for Bangladesh through entrepreneurship. The BetterStories vision is to create at least 1000 leaders by 2021 through Green, Ethical and Responsible Businesses (GERB). BetterStories firmly believes in the potential of Bangladesh becoming a upper middle income country by 2021 and an advanced economy by 2041. It believes that the future of the world is in Asia and Bangladesh playing a huge role in it as a test ground for startups that are purpose-first!

BetterStories offers an opportunity for social entrepreneurs from across the region and around the world to build their MVPs, test their prototypes and conduct¬† market validation in Bangladesh for any services and products aimed to reach the people under $2/day through a Bangladesh based global accelerator called “TekShoi” ( Technology for Social Impact and Innovation) in partnership with Bethnal Green Ventures UK.

For more information please write directly to Minhaz@Betterstories.Asia or check: