Betty Lim’s hugely experiential career in marketing, branding and communications is uniquely culled from agency, corporate, SME and media owners’ perspectives spanning industries like finance, shipping, property, hospitality, telecommunications, the not for profit/social entrepreneurial and startup sectors. Throughout her career, initiating and fine-tuning business processes locally and/or regionally was often a large part of her mandate.

When she finally understood her innate need for people to be happy, systemically minded Betty became fascinated by how technology may transform our world.

In 2004, she left traditional employment to experience the future of work and to observe by doing: developed 7 mini Facebooks, interviewed by HK’s leading TV station, met Yunus in China via Jet Li One Foundation, wrote KPMG China’s first two CSR books and participated at an international directors’ NGO meeting in Japan and at HK’s inaugural social enterprise summit.

Since relocating back to Singapore, Betty has written the SOP manual for Global Social Innovation Forum, initiated a social experiment around our startup ecosystem, successfully applied for a SG50 project and spoken at the inaugural FutureMe event. To enable strangers ANYWHERE to build trust with one another, Betty is now writing a book about the shift to the Age of We.

She is the founder of CrowdPowers Pte Ltd.