BoP Hub aims to be the global platform to scale social innovations and create market-based ecosystems for affordable, essential products and services to the 4 billion in the Base of the Pyramid excluded from the formal economy.

We seek to achieve our mission in the following ways:

  • Building Corporate Partnerships in the BoP
  • Engaging the Poor as Entrepreneurs
  • Integrating Cross-Sector Solutions
  • Creating a Knowledgebase

At its core, BoP Hub is a necessary intermediary between all of the players interested in serving the Base of the Pyramid, focused on building social business partnerships.  Corporations and social enterprises have complementary capabilities but different languages, cultures, priorities and risk tolerances.  They do not easily see how they can work together and are often wary of committing to joint ventures.  By working with both sides as evangelists, strategic consultants, translators and implementation partners while leveraging the support of designers, technologists, academics and industry experts, BoP Hub can bridge this gap and launch the next generation of BoP partnerships.

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