Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP) is a Vietnamese non-governmental and not-profit organisation. CSIP provides a leading role in supporting the emerging social entrepreneurship sector in Vietnam.  CSIP was established in 2008 in response to the gradual emergence of organisations who are seeking to adopt social entrepreneurial solutions to the social and environmental challenges existing in Vietnam.

CSIP’s vision
An Asia where social equity is sustained through social entrepreneurship initiatives

CSIP’s mission

We inspire, connect and empower people to tackle social and environmental issues through innovative and sustainable business solutions.

Key achievements

  • Incubating 65 diverse social enterprises for the period 2009 – 2014 to realize innovative impactful initiatives for social change. Since 2009, CSIP has provided business support, capacity building and seeding capital to 65 social organizations and social enterprises which directly empowered and improved the quality of healthcare, education, and lives of 17,220 people and 205,000 people have benefitted more generally from their programs and activities. Some social enterprises supported by CSIP have been internationally recognized, such as Dichung, SolarServe and I-Nature have attained SEED Awards, another two SEs have been selected to joint Slush 2014 in Finland.
  • Running an Impact Investment Program supporting 10 inclusive businesses through capital seeding, training and coaching, connection with investors and networking opportunities.
  • Co-founding a S-Start-up program in Hanoi (with IDT and YUP! as other partners), that aims to build an ecosystem for start-up community in Vietnam.
  • Advocating for government’s recognition and legal framework of social enterprises in Vietnam. As result, social enterprises have been included as a specific form of enterprises in the revised Enterprise Law (article 10).
  • Inspiring and connecting thousand students and people interested in social entrepreneurship movement in Vietnam and Asian countries.
  • Founding of Vietnam Social Investment Forum (since 2013), that became an prominent annual event for social investors and social innovations in Vietnam.
  • Vietnam NGO award in Transparency, Accountability  and Resource Mobilization presented by Rockefeller Foundation and Irish Aid