It was the spirit of “wanting to build something” that drove Dessy to explore her interests on technology and organization, creativity and innovation, human centered design, and social entrepreneurship. Being involved in social causes nationally and internationally for more than 14 years and combined with her works on aviation safety issues, led her to serve various organizations and institutions, for organizational development, complex system, economic leadership, and entrepreneurship education.

Her current roles are including serving Bank Indonesia Institute as a Faculty Member and research fellow, running her social enterprise: Sociopreneur Indonesia, and the Head of Technopreneurship Department Surya University.

Since 2013, Dessy actively promotes and fosters the growth of social entrepreneurship by way of research and development programs especially by applying Design Thinking and Design Ethnography. Dessy has a degree from civil engineering (B.Eng and M.Sc), and Business Management (PhD). She was a STINT Scholar 2003 from Sweden, The Rune Andersson Scholar 2008 from Chalmers Vanner Sweden, ICAO-WAI Scholar 2011 from WAI USA, and NFP Fellow 2015 from the Dutch Government.