Jack Sim is the founder of World Toilet Organization (WTO) and the Restroom Association of Singapore (RAS). His mission is to raise the standards of public toilets in Singapore and around the world. WTO serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, public education, pooling of resources, and development of sanitation initiatives. In 2004, Mr. Sim was awarded the Singapore Green Plan Award 2012 by Singapore’s National Environment Agency. He is also an Ashoka Global Fellow and Schwab Fellow of the World Economic Forum. He was named by Asian Development Bank as a Water Champion and by Time Magazine as one of the Heroes of the Environment in 2008.

He is now in the process of founding a new BOP HUB, a world trade centre attracting entrepreneurs to the poverty market to serve the population of 4 billion people at the Base of Pyramid. He also started SaniShop, a micro franchise that trains local communities to produce low cost latrines and treatment system and sell them through local women as commissioned agents.