Jayce is the Chief Businesswoman of CreativesAtWork Pte Ltd which was founded in September 2012. CreativesAtWork is a media agency that matches media freelancers to potential project owners and provide project management services to ensure that the project owners are able to have high-quality creative products. Jayce oversees the business development aspect of CreativesAtWork. Since the inception of CreativesAtWork Pte Ltd, Jayce has produced or executive produced various broadcast programmes as well as various television commercials and corporate videos working with leading companies in Singapore.

Jayce possesses expertise and experience in both the media and financing industries. Prior to setting up CreativesAtWork, she has been working alongside international MNCs in the media space to structure a series of investment deals to anchor their activities in Singapore. Her networks and contacts span across different media sectors from broadcast, animation to games and new media. She worked with both SMEs and large MNCs to help bridge their funding gaps. Her partners also include various government agencies such as EDB, IDA, MOF and IRAS where she helped to develop strategies and implementation plan for the growth of the media industry. Other than the media industry, Jayce’s background is in Finance. From 2000 to 2004, she worked with the Singapore Exchange overseeing their membership department. Graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, she earned several merit awards in recognition of her contribution to the companies she worked with.