For the past 45 years, Jim Tomecko has worked mainly for international donors (World Bank/IFC, DFID, DFAT, GIZ, UNIDO and ILO) as a manager and adviser for large-scale and long-term agricultural and enterprise promotion projects in Africa and Asia. He has extensive hands-on skills with a number of enterprise promotion methods including: private sector engagement in agriculture; microfinance; value chain promotion, and entrepreneurship.

For the past 7 years Jim has been the Senior Adviser to a large Australian/Govn’t of Indonesia initiative, called AIP-Rural, that over the past 5 years has implemented more than 100 interventions, with 60 different private sector partners, that have generated average income increases of 180% for more than 200,000 male and female farmers in eastern Indonesia, 70% of whom are living on less than $2.50 PPP per day. Jim regularly makes presentations to international audiences on scaling strategies, and strategies for maximizing public-private partnerships in agriculture.

Key message:
Until responsible business initiatives move out of “corporate affairs” into core business they will not be sustainable.

Short Quote:
Reducing inequality while generating growth is far too important for our collective survival to be left to governments alone, space needs to be created for the private sector to step up.