The Loden Foundation is a registered Civil Society Organization (CSO) in Bhutan to foster an enlightened and happy society through promotion of education, social entrepreneurship and Bhutan’s culture and traditions. The foundation’s core programme areas are as follows:

Education: In 1999, Loden’s founder and President, Dr Karma Phuntsho, facilitated a small donation from the United Kingdom to ensure a child living in rural Bhutan completes her education. Fast-forward 18-years she is a history teacher, a mother and takes care of her younger siblings. Today, Loden Education Programme has over 275 children and youth from low-income families enrolled in child sponsorship and undergraduate scholarship scheme. In addition, 84 children below five years old enjoy early childhood care and development (ECCD) at five Loden ECCD centres across Bhutan.

Entrepreneurship: Traditionally, young people in Bhutan would opt for government job right after their studies. However, the population of young people finishing college in increasing every year and the government cannot provide jobs for all. Therefore, all across Bhutan, the culture of entrepreneurship is growing. In the last 10-years Loden Entrepreneurship Programme has trained over 3,180 entrepreneurs, funded 143 businesses, which created over 715 jobs in various sectors. Loden also focuses on empowering students in high school, colleges and technical training institutes in Bhutan to explore and learn about entrepreneurship through various activities.

Bhutan’s Culture and Tradition: Bhutan is changing rapidly with modernization reaching all corners of the country. It is very important for Bhutan to develop in such a way that it’s culture and tradition does not declines. The Loden-Shejun Culture programme works to preserve and pass down Bhutan’s cultural heritage to future generations. Since its inception, the program has 3,140 hours of oral-history recordings, 3,583 descriptions of places with 240 cultural essays, about 4 million pages of written heritage digitized and much more.

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