Pedro Aguirre — Co-founder, Make The Change

My purpose in life is to create an indelible impact in the world, starting from the organisations I work with. I focus on business and partnership development through innovation and creativity.

Throughout my career, I have developed, implemented and managed several initiatives, impacting organisations and youths across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Through the events I organise and my active social media presence, I bring people together to create impact and make the world a better place.

I am a global citizen, having lived and worked in USA , Mexico , Belgium, Germany, India and Singapore.

In addition, I am a dynamic public speaker, having been invited to share my opinions and insights at several leadership development conferences in Belgium, Brazil , Serbia, Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Mexico and Singapore .

I was profiled on the World Makers magazine (focus on innovation and design for good) on July 2015 and my start-up Make The Change received a commendation award during the Singapore President Challenge Social Entrepreneurship Start Up category competition in 2015.

In 2012 I was selected as a Young Social Entrepreneur by the Singapore International Foundation.

In my free time I volunteer as mentor for a group of 40 youths (11 – 15 years old) and I am marathon runner having completed 3 full marathons.