Romy is Chief Executive Officer at Instellar, Indonesia. He started his career by co-founding ProVisi Education, in 2002 and worked for over ten year in the facilitation and delivery of workshops on contextual learning, 21st century education, lesson planning, school management, and educational leadership. The company aims at providing educational programs for schools in remote places in Indonesia.

By 2012 he decided to use his experience as an entrepreneur to help other entrepreneurs driven by their purposes to create sustainable impact for the environment and communities. Grounded in local context and culture, he learned from best practices in the United Kingdom and Europe to establish an organization to accelerate social innovation through incubation, advisory and investment in mission driven companies.

He developed experiences in supporting and working with various kinds of social purpose organizations in Indonesia and abroad, including 150 community enterprises, 150 civil society organizations, and 78 impact driven start-ups in past 8 years. This work has also led him to grow vast networks and collaborative project records with players in social innovation, social entrepreneurship and impact investing in Indonesia and Asian region in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, women, environment, and digital innovation in health and inclusive finance.

Romy holds a Master in Systems Engineering and a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering.