Manager (ASEAN Agile practice and community lead), Accenture

Sergey’s goal is to help people to maximize value delivered through fluid collaboration, vision clarity and alignment, process efficiency, continuous quick adaptability and sustainable human connections.

As a leader, he empowers people, builds connections and alignment, provides with collaborative environment and supports leading by example to realize individual talents and passion towards a meaningful common goal.

As a consultant, he helps companies to solve complicated problems by analyzing them and finding appropriate solutions together.

As a coach, he accompanies them to implement these solutions closely working with all the people engaged using the principle “think big, start small, learn quickly”.

As a trainer, he encourages people to find new ways of collaboration for effective and meaningful work, establishes alignment as well as switching to wellbeing-oriented mindset and utility to others.

He is highly passionate about sustainable, healthy, harmonious lifestyle.

Sergey has been a facilitator for social entrepreneurs program Jagrity Yatra in 2017, as well as world traveler and volunteer for social causes during his sabbatical year.