The Social Innovation Lab (SIL) works to educate and encourage social innovators; promote meaningful social impact work and embed sustainability as a core value in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan and beyond.

We provide a testing ground to novice entrepreneurs to hone their ideas and help them combine humanistic knowledge with sustainable business practices. At SIL we are interested in focusing on the basics of social innovation and where it leads us as a community. We also work closely with international organizations on research and consultancy projects in this sector.

Using its learnings to map the local social innovation landscape, SIL further offers assistance and recommendations to new entrants in the sector. We hope this will eventually result in a host of socially innovative organizations working together to create a more equitable distribution of resources and a healthier society.

The SIL team brings together an exceptionally talented group of interdisciplinary professionals and mentors – all dedicated to further the cause of social justice through social innovation.

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