Stephen Barling has spent almost two decades in digital design, innovation and growth advisory, helping governments, corporations and start-ups do things better. In the past decade, his digital innovations in the media and mobile space gained critical acclaim by Apple and at just 28 years of age, he sat on the Senior Management Boards for a number of global finance, technology and media firms. As a scientist, designer and entrepreneur, he is one of the few people globally to truly combine brand design innovation, neuro-marketing, product ideation, corporate transformation, start-up growth and venture capital together. He continues to focus on disrupting the business world through a new type of digital agency that is arguably the world’s first to bring together professional entrepreneurship, agile design and digital development. With a growing client base in SEA and Europe, it is clear Stephen may have uncovered a way to provide a better type of innovation to both the corporate and start-up ecosystem alike.