Weng Sing heads the Open Innovation Center (OIC) of the Global Safety Division (GSD) in NEC Corporation. OIC champions disruptive idea generation, research, and adoption of leading edge technology testing with the goal of launching breakthrough products and services inspired by global trends and emerging technologies, contributing to a Safer City.

Weng Sing had spent 21 years in the industry, holding senior management positions across a broad port-folio of professional services, product management and development, consulting, pre-sales and business development. He is an avid Inventor, and has close to 20 patents under his name. He was also involved in Open Standards and industry associations, such as being the Advisory Committee representative in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for the following standards: Web Services, XForms, XML and XML Signatures as well as the representative in the Security Chapter and the Wireless Chapter of the Singapore IT Federation (SiTF).

Prior to joining NEC, Weng Sing serves in the management team of the Singapore Software Labs as Senior Manager, Software Engineering and oversees the product development of world-class products within the Software Group (SWG) in Singapore. The products are in the space of Cloud, Endpoint Management, Key Lifecycle Management, Identity & Access Management, Security Information and Events Management and Java Security. He manages the growth of lab headcount and the establishment of news teams where necessary as the lab undertakes more missions.

Prior to joining IBM, Weng Sing was the General Manager of RadianTrust, a leading provider of Optical Document Security solutions, where he played a key role in the innovation of the company’s flagship product, market visibility and leadership, and the expansion of the company’s footprint and partners’ network in the APAC region. He was the author of 8 patents, and has won many prestigious awards, such as the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards in 2005, 2007 and 2009, Tomorrow’s Technology Today Award and Best Network Products Award in 2008, ZDNet’s Asia R&D Champion of the Year for 2008/2009 and ZDNet’s Asia Most Promising Techno Visionaries Award for 2008/2009. In his dual capacity as Director, Technology Development of CrimsonLogic, he heads the SingPass project, a world-first S$26 million nationwide project, which is to provide a cloud-based e-identity authentication system used to access government eServices in Singapore.

Weng Sing holds a Master of Science (Computer and Information Sciences) post-graduate degree and a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems and Computer Science) with Merit degree from the National University of Singapore.