The HEAD Foundation (THF) is a Singapore-based think tank devoted to the research, policy influence, and effective implementation of education for development in Asia.

Established as an International Charitable Organization in 2013, we aim to advance the study and understanding of education – particularly in the Asian context – and its implications for governments, businesses and civil society in the region. In addition to our work in research, policy influence and advocacy, the Foundation also aims to apply the knowledge for more effective practice and policy implementation through programmes and projects.

THF provides a collaborative and inclusive platform for a multidisciplinary approach to scholarship, debate and programme development. We study the adaptation of models and best practices in light of the contexts and priorities of the Asian communities we serve, and promote public awareness of issues in our fields of expertise. We partner with like-minded global and regional experts and institutions to advance our common goal of empowering Asia’s development through education.

THF’s activities include:

  • Conducting research projects within Asian countries;
  • Publishing a book series, working papers, reports and policy documents;
  • Convening events such as workshops, seminars, lectures and policy fora;
  • Developing and delivering tools, models and programmes for capacity building.