Timothy Ma

Executive Director, Project Flame: Social innovation & Entrepreneurship@CityU

Timothy K. W. Ma, is now serving as the Executive Director of Project Flame: Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship at The City University of Hong Kong. The project focuses on incubating innovative initiative in the university to expand and develop more students to have experience and exposure on social enterprise. It also helps to design and support the delivery of Gateway Education courses themed with social enterprise at the campus for the students.

Timothy serves as the co-convenor and founding member of the Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum with Dr. KK Tse. The forum aims at empowering the to-be and existing social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, hoping to establish a kind of development platform for the further promotion of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. He also is the Vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Chamber of Social Enterprises.

He is good at conducting training on staff management, empowerment and team building, as well as creative innovation on service development and operation. He also possesses solid experience in fundraising operation as well.

He also serves as mentor for the Home Affairs Department’s Enhancing Self-Reliance through District Partnership Program to assist the newly set up social enterprises on its strategy formulation and operation. He also serves as the core member of the Organizing Committee for the annual Social Enterprise Summit since 2010.

He was awarded as the Outstanding Social Entrepreneurship of East Asia on 2009 by the SCHWAB Foundation. He is one of the contributing authors to a book `Bottom of Pyramid’ for the new entries to social enterprise, and also appointed as an expertise on Ageing at the Global Agenda Council of World Economic Forum. He has been awarded with Hong Kong Harvard Business School Foundation scholarship to take up executive training on Strategic Perspective for Non-Profit Management in 2008, and also attended INSEAD Executive Course on Social Enterprise at INSEAD Singapore Campus. Lastly, he was also awarded the Outstanding Alumni of APSS of PolyU in 2009, and the Award of Lifelong Learning by Institute of Active Ageing of PolyU in 2012.

Currently, Timothy was the ex-member of Social Welfare Advisory Committee and Guardianship Board, and now serving at the Town Planning Board, Convenor of Rural and NewTown Planning Committee of TPB; Kowloon City District Urban Renewal Forum, Non-executive Director of Urban Renewal Authority and Elderly Commission of Hong Kong SAR Government.

He also contributed articles on elderly and social enterprise in many periodicals in Hong Kong. He is also invited as the first HK Mentor at the Mentorship Scheme of NPI of Shanghai to support the SE starters in China.