William Hendradjaja is passionate about connecting people. He believes that a network of collaborative ecosystem is a powerful catalyst of creating shared value and building sustainable impact.

Since graduating from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in 2010, William has been actively involved in various personal and organizational efforts to tackle educational problems that are prevalent among school-aged children in at-risk neighborhoods in Indonesia.

Out of his aspiration to give the children more access to excel academically and socially, he founded House of Reading and Education / HORE Indonesia (www.horeindonesia.org) in 2014. Through HORE Indonesia, William also hopes to connect like-minded people to bring about positive and sustainable changes in the landscape of Indonesia’s K12 education. As the founder of HORE Indonesia, William is responsible for developing programs and campaigns, establishing partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders, and supporting community development. William views his work at HORE Indonesia as a life-long endeavor. What he loves most from being a part of HORE Indonesia team is working with volunteers who all share the same passion of improving the children’s learning experience. This has strengthened William’s commitment to focus his work on community development.

Finally, in early 2016, William took the leap of faith embarking on a new journey to realizing a community and a coworking space for social entrepreneurs in Jakarta. His vision is to create an ecosystem to help people initiate and accelerate sustainable social impact movement and ventures in Indonesia. Through his work at Impact Hub Jakarta, William is responsible in creating programs such as professional coding bootcamp (www.impactbyte.com) and an accelerator program for early stage social entrepreneurs (www.socialinnovation.id).