Congratulations to the finalists!

The five teams listed below have been shortlisted for the new Syngenta Agriculture Social Enterprise Awards, part of the DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia. The Awards are sponsored by Syngenta and worth SGD10,000 each. One award will go to the best agriculture social enterprise, and the other to the social enterprise with the best use of technology & innovation for agriculture. The two winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on 15 September 2016.

The Syngenta Agriculture Social Enterprise Awards aims to recognize enterprises with innovative business models in agriculture that can bring benefits to farmers and rural economies in Asia Pacific. Over 1000 entries in total were received from across the region for the Challenge. Of these, 174 entries were related to agriculture and covered a range of solutions for challenges including climate change, water efficiency, labor shortage, access to market and food distribution. The Awards complement the ambition of Syngenta’s Good Growth Plan to create positive impacts for rural communities through their operations.


Country: The Philippines

CocoAsenso helps create economic opportunities for coconut farmers in remote areas. Through establishing a network of medium-scale coconut processing facilities, CocoAsenso enables farmers to process and sell dried coconut flakes with a higher value, instead of selling whole coconuts to manufactures.

Irriga-Sun Solar Irrigation

Country: Cambodia

Irriga-Sun Solar Irrigation brings solar-power irrigation systems to fruit and vegetable smallholder farmers. The “Pay-As-You-Go” approach enables affordable access to the irrigation system and helps them use water more efficiently.

Kamal Kisan

Country: India

Website: Click here

Kamal Kisan develops machines and tools suitable for smallholder farmers to reduce their dependence on labor and increase their profitability. One of their products, a sugarcane planter, has been able to demonstrate improvements in process efficiency by up to 80%.

Naireeta Services

Country: India

Website: Click here

Naireeta Services develops “Bhungroo”, a unique rainwater management solution which helps poor farmers adapt to disasters like drought and prolonged water logging. “Bhungroo” filters, injects and retains excess storm water underground for reuse in dry season.

Siam Organic

Country: Thailand

Website: Click here

Siam Organic introduces “Jasberry rice”, a new variety of rice with a high level of antioxidants. Using this new non-GMO rice variety and innovative organic farming management, they are working with over 1,000 small-scale farmers who have improved profitability by up to 14 times.